News Swap Challenge

The news you watch can tell others who you’ll vote for.  It can shape your opinion of how to vote and the way you vote shapes which news you follow.  Social media even tailors your news feed so that you see more of the stories that you like and share.  You can create a social … Continue reading News Swap Challenge

Remember respect?

Respect is so complicated and controversial it’s easy to give up on.  It’s actually very simple and powerful.  Respect is recognizing our shared existence. It’s not putting others down or putting them up on pedestals.  Giving respect to others doesn’t mean you like them or approve of them or even trust them.  It’s simply honoring … Continue reading Remember respect?

The miracle in the mess

I’m standing here in the muck. I didn’t plan to be here.  When I imagined starting my blog about healthy conversations I saw myself sitting in a cozy office supported by a staff large enough to attend to all my basic needs so that I could focus on guiding the world with my wisdom.  It … Continue reading The miracle in the mess